Explore the world for yourself with our customized itineraries

Beidoo customizes your itinerary and takes care of all the pre-trip prep work for you. Just let us know where you'd like to go, and we'll do the rest

What are the benefits?

What to do & see

Choose one or more countries and we'll take care of putting together a customized itinerary for you based on your preferences, interests and budget, saving you the trouble

How to get there

We'll break down all the different ways you can travel between cities or countries, whether by plane, bus or train (including schedules and fares), so you can choose what suits you best

Where to eat

Want to try the local delicacies? No problem! We'll recommend some of the best restaurants and provide many other suggestions to help you make the most of your trip

What to know

We'll provide information about opening hours, entrance fees and how to buy tickets for every tourist attraction, and fill you in on any pre-departure arrangements such as visas or vaccines

Planning a trip to a destination you’ve never been to before can be very research intensive and time-consuming. With us, you can skip the boring bits and concentrate on the fun stuff!

here's a little taster

Get a clearer picture of how we can save you time with your trip planning by checking out a sample itinerary. Segovia, Avila and Salamanca might not sound that exotic, but now picture a similarly detailed itinerary filled with insider tips to your dream destination. Sounds convenient, right?