Drive across America from Chicago to California and discover the hidden wonders of this amazing country. From natural landscapes that will take your breath away, such as the Grand Canyon in Arizona, to ghost towns that look like something out of an old Western, one thing is certain: every single stage of the route will leave you speechless.

Here’s an example of a 15-day Route 66 road trip itinerary. But remember – we can customize it to suit your needs and add/remove anything to adapt it to your liking.

DAY 1: Arrival in Chicago.

DAY 2: Chicago.

DAY 3: Chicago - St Louis.

We’ll help you plan all the stops along the way!

DAY 4: St Louis - Springfield (Missouri).

DAY 5: Springfield - Tulsa - Oklahoma City.

DAY 6: Oklahoma City - Amarillo.

DAY 7: Amarillo - Santa Fe.

DAY 8: Santa Fe - Albuquerque.

DAY 9: Albuquerque - Holbrook.

DAY 10: Holbrook - Grand Canyon.

DAY 11: Las Vegas.

DAY 12: Las Vegas - Santa Monica.

DAY 13: Los Angeles.

We’ll let you know what to do in LA in 2 days based on your preferences!

DAY 14: Los Angeles.

DAY 15: Homeward bound.

Recorrido 15 dias ruta 66
Recorrido 15 dias ruta 66

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