Customized itineraries around North America

Want to visit the USA or Canada but finding all the planning a bit daunting? No sweat! Our trip planners can put together a fully bespoke itinerary to the destination of your choice.

What are the benefits?

What to do & see

We'll plan a customized itinerary for the USA or Canada, taking into account your preferences and mode of transport (car, plane, etc.)

How to get there

We'll break down all the different ways you can travel between cities, whether by plane, bus or train (including ticket prices!)

Where to eat

We'll recommend restaurants you’re bound to love, and include many other useful tips such as some of the best areas to stay

What to know

We'll tell you all you need to know about opening hours, entrance fees and buying tickets for each attraction, and even how to get a visa

Forget the stress of planning a trip: enlist some expert travelers to figure it all out for you

Your itinerary will look something like this

If you’re still wondering how we can save you time on your trip prep, check out this sample itinerary. This is just an example: the document you’ll receive will be curated just for you, featuring an itinerary to parts of the US or Canada you’d like to explore.