Planning your own honeymoon?

We can take care of that

We can plan a romantic honeymoon on a budget for you

Your itinerary will look something like this

We know you’d never decide to honeymoon in Segovia, Avila and Salamanca. But this is just an example! Now picture a similarly curated itinerary to your dream destination. Planning a wedding is hard enough – take the pressure off and let Beidoo plan your perfect honeymoon.

What will my honeymoon itinerary include?

Ruta personalizada día por día Beidoo

Plan for the day

We'll put together a customized itinerary for the destination of your choice, including a day-by-day plan with activities based on your interests.

Comparativa vuelos Beidoo

Transport info

We'll include a summary of all the different airlines that connect your hometown to your destination, along with the price of each option.

Información sobre visados vacunas seguros medicos destinos Beidoo

Visas & more

We'll provide assistance with any potential visas, vaccines, travel health insurance or any other documentation you might need for your destination.

Beidoo restaurantes recomendados


We'll recommend accommodation within your budget and restaurants that suit your tastes. Let us save you the trouble of researching all that online!

Informacion practica visitas Beidoo

Useful information

We'll tell you everything you need to know about opening hours & entrance fees for each tourist attraction, and how to get tickets. Forget all that prep work!

Consejos Beidoo trip planner especializado

Insider tips

We'll include some tips for you to enjoy a romantic honeymoon. When is the best time to see the sunset from the Taj Mahal? We'll let you know!