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Plan for the day

For each day of your trip, you'll get recommendations on what to do & see based on your interests. Your itinerary for the day will follow a logical order to make sure you don't miss out on any important landmarks along the way, and will even account for opening hours. It will also include maps so you can easily visualize your route and where each tourist attraction is located.

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Transport info

All those different transport options can be overwhelming, but I’ll sift through them all for you! I'll present you with all the different ways to travel from your hometown to your destination, as well as any intercity transfers during the trip. Including information on schedules, fares and travel times, along with a link so you can easily book your tickets. All you'll have to do is choose the one that best suits you and your budget.

What to know

Information about potential visas and vaccines required at your destination, recommendations for some of the best travel medical insurance companies, tips for exchanging money and similar.

Beidoo restaurantes recomendados


Custom recommendations for restaurants, bars and cafés that are on or near your route each day. These will reflect your preferences, of course! Want to escape the tourist traps? No problem: I'll let you know where the locals go for dinner. Travelling with kids and need child-friendly restaurants with options they’ll love? No sweat: I know just the place!

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Useful information

Your itinerary will contain all the opening hours and entrance fees for every single tourist attraction included in your itinerary. Forget looking them all up individually – just print out your itinerary and you’ll have all this info available at a glance. I'll also explain how, when and where to book tickets for each tour and, whenever advance booking is recommended, a link will be provided so you can book in just one click.

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Insider tips

I'll include some tips to help you enjoy your trip to the full. When would be best to visit the cathedral to avoid long lines? What to wear on a tour of the desert? I've got that covered!

COVID-19: Your itinerary will include the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 entry requirements for your destination (valid tests, exceptions for vaccinated tourists, etc)


If you’re still wondering how you can save time on your trip prep, check out this sample itinerary. This is just an example: the document you’ll receive will be curated just for you, featuring an itinerary to the destination of your choice.



My name is Eva, and though I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, I’ve always had itchy feet. Traveling is my biggest passion and to this day I’ve visited more than 300 cities in more than 30 different countries. I’ve also lived abroad for many years. I love to spend hours planning my own trips, and I enjoy advising others. Knowing that I have the ability to improve their travel experience makes me very happy. My itineraries always include honest opinions and recommendations for places you would otherwise never have heard of. Whenever I get requests for destinations I don’t know well, I collaborate with other travelers and trip planners. They help me design your itinerary, or even take care of it themselves. So relax: your itinerary is in good hands. 


Rates vary according to length of trip and include all the above

Rates based on length of trip
7-9 days
10-12 days
13-15 days
+15 days
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Additional services
Express itinerary*
Assistance during your trip**
Itinerary adjustments***

*Your itinerary will be ready in 72 hours (applicable to itineraries up to 10 days)

**Ask me any questions during your trip

***It’s possible to request small adjustments of the final version of your itinerary, such as switching days. Further adjustments that involve more than one working hour will incur extra charges. 


Planning a long trip can be overwhelming. Researching everything for a destination you’re not familiarized with is very time-consuming. But that’s what I’m here for! As an experienced traveler and trip planner, I can piece it all together for you and save you dozens of hours on your trip prep.


I spend around 16 hours planning a 10-day trip

I spend around 24 hours planning a 15-day trip

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You’ll spend more than 25 hours planning your 10-day trip

You’ll spend more than 35 hours planning your 15-day trip

Are you sure you have the time? If the answer is no, then let me do all the heavy lifting for you

To ensure I can deliver a high-quality itinerary, every time, I only accept a limited number of orders per month. 

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Beidoo is not a travel agent, nor a guidebook. Find out what makes it unique.





You can travel independently

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You take care of all the bookings*

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You can split the cost**


*I’ll provide links so you can can easily book your tickets. All you’ll have to do is choose the one that best suits you and your budget.

**Travel agents charge per person, while Beidoo charges per itinerary. This means that the cost can be divided among all the travelers.

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